Spectrum Energy offers the most efficient solutions on the market when it comes to protecting your home from the elements.

We install Lapolla – a spray foam insulation system that is now recognised as the single best option on the market. First developed more than 15 years ago, Lapolla will protect your property and save you money due to the superior air barrier that it creates. Lapolla is a verified air barrier material that will be a suitable option for new builds as well as restoration projects.

We are also experts at the installation of ProPerla – an innovative façade coating system that will protect your property’s exterior against adverse weather as well biological hazards while not compromising its breathability.

Spectrum Energy are proud to be a ProPerla accredited company and an Lapolla accredited company.

Spectrum Energy has many years of experience with offering interior insulation and exterior coating. Our comprehensive solutions will create a full system for protecting your property inside and out.

We are able to work at private residences as well as take on larger commercial projects. Simply get in touch with our friendly team at your earliest convenience and we will discuss your project in more detail.

On top of the above, we are also experts at cavity wall extraction removal. All of our contractors are very passionate about what they do and have received numerous industry accreditations. Regardless of which service you are hiring us for, a stellar service is guaranteed each and every time.

We specialise in protecting your home from the inside and out.

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Couldn’t be happier with the work. Team members very friendly and explained everything they were doing.

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Mr. Pawel Kowalczyk
Recent Customer


The Spectrum Energy really is a cut above the rest. Professional and efficient throughout.

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–Mr. Brown
Recent Customer