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If cavity wall insulation is not put in place by accredited professionals, many problems can occur.

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There are a vast number of commercial properties in Britain with cavity wall insulation that was installed cheaply or free of charge.

This is largely due to a government or energy provider’s scheme aimed at lowering bills and reducing the nation’s carbon footprint.

A lot of these business and commercial properties have since experienced issues stemming from an incorrect initial installation process. If the cavity wall insulation is not put in place by accredited professionals, many problems can occur. These include rising damp, condensation and everything associated with it including black mould formation (which can have detrimental health effects).

If you think your business has been affected by this, you might eligible to claim back the costs of having the insulation replaced. Please consult the list below to see if your commercial property has experienced any of the common issues related to improper cavity wall insulation installation:

  • Damp patches on the walls or ceilings
  • Excessive condensation on the windows
  • Mould on the walls or around the windows
  • Smell of damp
  • Wallpaper that is bubbling or otherwise coming apart
  • Woodworks rotting

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Here at Spectrum Energy, we have helped countless businesses over the years with our efficient cavity wall extraction removal service. Our aim is to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently, keeping the disruption at your business premises to an absolute minimum.

Cavity wall extraction begins with blowing compressed air into the cavities, then removing the old insulation using an industrial vacuum. Finally, we will inspect all of the cavities in order to guarantee that the insulation has been fully removed.

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Why Spectrum Energy?

You can have full peace of mind when hiring Spectrum Energy for your cavity wall extraction removal.

Our team consists of accredited industry experts with numerous professional qualifications and a great passion for what they do. You can expect a friendly and transparent service from the initial query until the last day of the project. We will always leave worksites completely clean and tidy so you will not have to worry about rubbish removal.