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Ultimate damp proof course for the permanent renovation of walls with rising damp problems.

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The Ultimate Protection Against Rising Damp

Optimal solution for all properties with deficient or non-existent horizontal barriers. The installation of a damp proof course with Spectrum Energy System DPC eliminates long-term moisture problems due to rising damp. The system penetrates deep into mineral building materials.

After the treatment, the wall is impermeable to water, but remains fully breathable. Expensive mortars are no longer required. Improve the aspect and performance of your walls.

Stop rising damp with a damp proof course

Spectrum Energy System DPC stops the disintegration of plaster and paint, the dissolving of wallpaper or the deterioration of the interior paints due to salt efflorescence. The treated surface can be re-plastered . After a curing period of 7 days, the damp proof course will have its full performance. The water absorption is reduced by more than 95%.

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Proven Performance

Spectrum Energy System DPC successfully passed various analyses and fulfils the requirements of WTA and CSTC. It has been classified as a treatment with an excellent performance for masonry works.

Damp walls cause mould growth

A wet insulation core loses its effective insulating properties and is no longer able to keep walls dry. This can cause considerable risks to human health and pets.


The Spectrum Energy System DPC treated surface remains breathable. Moisture and air pass easily through the walls from inside to the outside. This results in a significant improvement of its insulating properties. A content of only 5% moisture in a wall insulation or other building materials reduce the thermal resistance by up to 50%.

  • Properties & advantages
  • Protection against rising damp
  • Minimizes the growth of microorganisms
  • Improves the thermal efficiency of your property
  • Ensures the performance of core insulation
  • Preserves the original condition of the masonry
  • Slows the aging of the surface
  • Quick and easy procedure
  • Allows the surface to breathe naturally
  • Life span of more than 10 years