Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Save energy by coating your roof with RENOTEC® Roof Coating

An untreated roof allows the heat to enter and leave the property very easy and quickly. Rain will be able to access the untreated roof tiles and cause major damage. If water can penetrate, frost damage may occur, and the underlying insulation will also be damaged. An untreated roof is exposed to all kind of weathering influencies.

The sun can also have a destructive impact on the roof tiles. RENOTEC® Roof Coating protects the roof tiles against every destructive type of weather. A roof coated with RENOTEC® Roof Coating will be UV-stable, and protected against microorganism, such as algae, moss, lichens etc.

RENOTEC® treatments create a self-cleaning surface

This means that roof tiles always will be free of contaminations. This is due to it hydrophobic from RENOTEC® Roof Coating. This property, also known as the beading effect, will easily wash down contaminations when it rains. A roof treated with RENOTEC® Roof Coating will be protected for over 10 years, remain color stable and look brand new.

Treating your roof with RENOTEC® Roof Coating is a great alternative to get a complete roof replacement, and much cheaper. The treatment creates a protection for the underlying, by keeping it dry. RENOTEC® keeps your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, by not letting the heat in or out through the roof. This will make a huge difference on the home owners heating bill. RENOTEC® Roof Coating is a 100% organic acrylic formula, free of APEO. The appearance of a roof treated with RENOTEC® Roof Coating will be clean, attractive and offer a long lasting life span.

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