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How does the substrate remain breathable after being coated? How does it allow water to exit the brick?

Due to the breathability of the masonry being an important quality, our Spectrum Energy System is designed not to interfere with this. Even after the coating is applied and fully dried, the mantle of your property will still be able to release moisture.

To keep your home dry and breathable, moisture is naturally drawn to the surface of the substrate. Our Spectrum Energy System allows the surface drawn water molecules to pass through and evaporate. This process helps to avoid problems associated with trapped water and moisture, such as wet rot, cold spotting, mould, and more.

What do we mean by breathable?

“Breathability” is a term used within the building industry to describe how a substrate allows water molecules and air molecules to pass through it. Breathability ratings are identified by an SD value (steam diffusion or air layer equivalence – lower value means more water permeable).

Both the Spectrum Energy Masonry Crème and the Water Repellent have an SD value of 0.00, whilst our Exterior Façade Coating (Colours) has a rating of 0.06. These figures show that the products are at the top end of breathability ratings.

How have Spectrum Energy Systems products been tested?

All of our products are tested to the highest BS-EN ISO 15148 standards. This testing proves that they give any absorbent substrate a reduction in thermal conductivity, which increases your home’s insulation characteristics.

Can you paint Spectrum Energy System variations over bricks and substrates that have been painted already?

The Façade Coating insulation system can be applied to a wall which has been coated previously, although the characteristics of the original coat may affect the performance of the façade coating (e.g., if the coating is not breathable).

Other products, such as in the Invisible Insulation System range (Masonry Crème, Water Repellent), cannot be applied to the coated surface as they need to be able to penetrate the surface of the substrate in order to function correctly.

Do the Spectrum Energy Systems protect against brick spalling or surface breakdown?

The application of our systems will protect your masonry a lot more than without it. It protects it from further damage, acid rain, surface breakdown, and more.

How do you apply Spectrum products?

Our certified professionals predominantly use airless spraying equipment, which is well maintained and of the highest industrial quality. Specific systems may be applied differently, but it depends on the job requirements at hand.

Why do I need an official applicator for the Masonry Crème?

Having this highly technical and sophisticated coating system applied by a professional, trained applicator will ensure that all the necessary pre-application preparation and remedial work is undertaken before any product is applied. This will ensure that the coating system performs to the best of its abilities and the 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee is safeguarded.

There are also other benefits of professional application:
• Professional spraying and application of the product with appropriate professional equipment
• Reduces risk of costly coating failure
• Remedial repairs carried out before application
• Accurate assessment of quantities of the product required for your project
• Provides your ideal point of contact for post-completion assistance

Can you apply the Spectrum Energy System in low temperatures?

Due to the nature of the product, application must happen in temperatures of 5°C or above. This ensures that the product adheres and dries properly so that the hydrophobic qualities are maintained and the system performs as it should.

How many coats of the Spectrum Energy System should be applied?

The Masonry Crème is a one coat system but the Façade Coating is a 2 coat minimum which can require a 3rd coat if you are making a big change from the previous colour.

Does it dry matte or shiny?

All of the different types of Invisible Insulation Systems are exactly that – invisible. The only system we provide that doesn’t dry clear is the Façade Coating, which has a matte finish in the colour you choose.

I've had cavity wall insulation installed and I cannot afford the removal of this. Will the External Insulation Systems stop the damp bridging the cavity when applied?

The Spectrum Energy System will help dramatically in this respect as it reduces water absorption into the masonry by as much as 95%. The breathability of the layer will help what little excess moisture remains to escape.

How soon after raining can it be applied?

This depends on the weather conditions and temperature. Direct sunlight and a warm day will dry the substrate much faster. The surface will need to be completely dry for successful application.

Can this be used over pebbledash?

As with pre-coated masonry, only the Façade Coating can be applied over pebbledash. The others need direct contact with the substrate for absorption.

How long does it take to dry?

Between 5-10°C, the Façade Coating may not be touch dry for up to four hours. At 20°C, the Spectrum Energy Façade Coating will usually be touch dry in 30 minutes and will require the second coat in as little as six hours. The air temperature and humidity are big factors in drying times, but our specialist team will make sure it’s done perfectly.

How long does it take to start working?

Similar to the drying times, this depends on the weather conditions. In general, you can expect to see the typical results and behaviour from Spectrum Energy Water Repellent and Masonry Crème after around two hours. The Façade Coating can take up to 3 weeks to show the true extent of its beading ability.

Is this product a paint?

Our Spectrum Energy Systems are technically advanced exterior coating systems, and should be not classed as paint.

How does it work to reduce heat loss?

A property can lose heat through the masonry up to 50% faster with just a 5% water volume inside the masonry. The Spectrum Energy Systems create a barrier around your property which will keep it dry and stop issues of heat loss, such as cold-spotting (thermal bridging), damp masonry, mould, and many more.

The super hydrophobic behaviour will make dirt, dust, mould, and other detritus simply wash off with the rain so they cannot be a problem, either. Also; the coatings can seal small gaps and cracks in the masonry which will cause extra heat loss as well.

How do these products react to the expansion and contraction of old lime mortar and stone houses?

We understand that any property will shift and move as the year goes by, and thanks to the chemical bonding process behind our Coating Systems, our coatings move with the buildings.

Can ProPERLA be used on wood and metal surfaces?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a coating solution for metallic surfaces. There is the Spectrum Energy Clear Wood Treatment which has a 10 year guarantee.

Can ProPERLA resist stains?

Yes, it does. The “Lotus Effect” that the Spectrum Energy Systems induce prevents anything from sticking to the wall, and makes the wall self-cleaning.

Are there any special cleaning procedures?

Before the coating is applied, our team will use a special cleaning fluid to make sure the substrate is prepared for optimal adhesion.

Can the product be touched-up in the first 30 days without any change in colour?

This is dependent on whether the colour you are touching up with is from the same batch. If it is, then yes, we can touch up the wall if there are any patches you aren’t happy with.

What sectors do you cater for?

The Spectrum Energy Systems are available for all sectors and industries, as long as the building substrate is compatible with the system you are wishing to apply.

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