Recommended for all mineral building surfaces.

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ProPerla® Primer is a special water-based primer for the Spectrum Energy Invisible Insulation System with solidifying effect and high penetration depth. It is absorbed and adherent and, therefore, only suitable for porous surfaces.


Complete facade cleaning with high pressure is necessary to eliminate organic components such as mould, algae or moss, stains, etc.

Coverage rate

150-200 ml per m2, depending on porosity.

Drying time

3 – 5 hours at 20° C and 65% RH. Lower temperatures and higher humidity extend the drying time accordingly.

Packing size

10 Litre Pots (40 Pots per pallet)

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Use an airless sprayer or sprayer. A minimum temperature of 5 °C is required. The primer must be completely absorbed. Ensure that after drying no glossy film exists. Low absorbent surfaces, such as clay or fibre-cement panels, need to be primed thinly. For very porous substrates, the Invisible Insulation System Primer may be diluted 1:1 with water. Spectrum Energy System Primer is not suitable for non-porous substrates.

Note: Components that don’t need to be treated have to be protected from splashes – E.G. by covering – as dried Primer is very difficult to remove. Once the primer is dry, Spectrum Energy Facade Coating can be applied.