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We supply and install Lapolla spray foam insulation for floors, ceilings, walls as well as smaller areas like crawlspaces

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Lapolla spray foam insulation was developed over 15 years ago.

Since its launch in 2005, it has become one of the most popular insulation brands in North America. Spectrum Energy is happy to be able to now offer this innovative product for the UK commercial market as well. We supply and install Lapolla spray foam insulation for floors, ceilings, walls as well as smaller areas like crawlspaces.

A light material, Lapolla takes to a substrate strongly and will not collapse even after a long time. When you hire Spectrum Energy to install Lapolla spray foam insulation at your commercial property or business, you will no longer have to worry about cold spots and unwanted air infiltration.

The IEQ – indoor environmental quality – of your business or commercial property will be greatly improved with Lapolla spray foam insulation. This is because it delivers a thermal barrier that seals around vents, plumbing, electrical openings and any other crevices where unwanted air leakage may be occurring. The entry of airborne irritants such as drafts and allergens will be minimised – especially when you combine this spray foam solution with proper mechanical ventilation.

The Lapolla Application Process

Appropriate for insulating walls, roofs as well as lofts in commercial and residential properties, the Lapolla expanding foam system can be applied in a single step. You will be able to reoccupy the space within two hours.

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Lapolla is a full spray foam insulation system that will insulate and air seal properties through the creation of an air barrier. Applied in one step, Lapolla will last for the lifetime of the building regardless of whether it is a private home or a commercial property.

Lapolla is a water blown spray foam insulation system made from recycled content which makes it an environmentally friendly option. Lapolla doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals you might find in alternative systems such as formaldehyde or synthetic blowing agents.

You can sit back and relax knowing that Lapolla is fully compliant with current Building Regulations. The system has been rigorously field tested and proven to be highly effective which is why it is now certified by the BBA, the NSAI and the ETA.

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How Will Lapolla Benefit My Business?

Commercial clients will find the moisture management that Lapolla spray foam insulation offers very beneficial as the freshly created seal will reduce all internal air movement which will help prevent condensation. Condensation comes with a number of additional issues of its own such as black mould formation so it is always best to take a proactive approach when it comes to insulation.

Lapolla has an open cell structure which means that the foam will not be affected by wetting – you can expect peak performance at all times. Additionally, the foam will dry any moisture that may have already been formed on concrete, wood framing or any other adjoining materials.

Lapolla will minimise all airborne sounds very effectively to make your business a relaxing environment. Noises that can interfere with your work such as loud speech from adjacent properties, music, construction, children’s playgrounds and many more will be blocked out by spray foam insulation.

Reduce Your Monthly Costs

Business owners and commercial clients should consider Lapolla a long-term investment rather than another fee to pay. Considering how much you will be saving on energy bills, this solution will essentially be paying for itself. When it comes to protecting properties and offices against air leakage, Lapolla spray insulation foam is able to provide energy savings of up to an unparalleled 50%.

As an added benefit, it will keep out unwanted airborne pollutants, loud external noises as well as troublesome moisture. This high quality spray foam will expand to 100 times its original volume – it will fill all crevices and effectively reduce all cold spots.

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Be On the Lookout For

At Spectrum Energy, we advise commercial clients and business owners to stay sceptical when they see insulation companies advertise their products as being government backed or driven by subsidies/grants. In actual fact, there are currently no government incentives, schemes or grants available for any insulation product whether it is Lapolla or not.

If you are still not 100% sure about whether Lapolla spray foam insulation is the most suitable choice for your business or other type of commercial property, do not hesitate to get in touch with Spectrum Energy. Our team of experts would be more than happy to carry out a site survey and check the current insulation properties. We will also explain the Lapolla system in some more detail so you are fully aware of what is involved before making any big decisions.